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Every weekday morning, Richard King energizes your morning with the Richard King Breakfast Show. Richard’s unique blend of insightful commentary, engaging interviews, and lively discussions makes sure you are always in the know. Richard covers it all with a dynamic and captivating style. Richard doesn’t just report the news—he sparks conversations. With his finger on the pulse, he brings together a diverse range of voices, creating a platform where everyone’s opinion matters. Whether you’re commuting, working, or just starting your day, Richard King ensures your part of the conversation. Join the discussion with Richard King- weekdays from 5am.

Meet Richard King

Get to know the magnetic Richard King, born in August 1954, whose journey into the radio world was as remarkable as it was unconventional. Pat King, his mother, defied conventions as an actress celebrated for her distinct character voices in radio dramas. The spirit of adventure flowed through his father, Doug Gawler, a former merchant seaman.

As a young dreamer, Richard’s nights came alive with the magic of radio waves. His bedroom transformed into a sanctuary as the voice of iconic announcer Ken Sparkes flowed through his crystal radio.

At 11, life took the King family to Sydney, where Richard’s exploration of radio flourished. Stations like 2SM and 2UW introduced him to a world of music while he balanced his education at Barker College. Though he enjoyed a privileged education, his heart belonged to music. The allure of Anthem Records, an underground treasure near Town Hall railway station, lured him in. This unique record store, an early champion of global imports, exposed him to the rhythms of the world.

While he embarked on part-time law studies at the University of Sydney and worked as a city clerk, music remained his muse. Anthem Records absorbed his modest earnings, nurturing his growing collection. A pivotal crossroads arrived, prompting Richard to leave behind a potential legal career in pursuit of a radio presenter’s course. This leap of faith marked the beginning of his enthralling radio journey.

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